What is waterproof LED Display?

Outdoor weather can vary greatly, and rainy days and greasy conditions are common in some areas. We know that waterproof function is important for outdoor LED screens, but how waterproof LED display works? Let’s be more familiar with the water-resistant outdoor LED display. In order to better understand the waterproof LED display, you might [...]

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Double sides LED Display Solution

With the growing popularity of LED display screens and their ability to meet customers’ needs, single-sided LED display screens have become increasingly inadequate in providing customers with a wider viewing range. With double-sided LED displays having replaced single-sided LED displays as the industry standard, these new displays are becoming increasingly popular with customers and businesses [...]

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taxi cab digital signage geofencing function guidance

The taxi cab digital signage is becoming more and more popular in the advertising market, and after years of development, it has formed the models of p5, p4, p3 and p2.5 taxi screen for different customers’requirements. After conducted lots of transactions with customers, we found that the most difficult part for beginners is the operation [...]

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Taxi screen guide for beginners (1)

What is the taxi screen? Taxi screen is also known as taxi led display, which is composed of led modules, cabinet, control card, powers and wire harness.   It shows a different advertising form with double or three-sided screens on the top of the car.  The taxi top Led screen can display different colours, texts, [...]

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