Introduction of Commonly Use Led Display Cabinets

2022-07-24T04:14:28+00:007月 18th, 2022|

The area of a large LED display is not a single structure, it is made of a number of cabinets splicing. Cabinets in the display play an important role, both to protect the internal components, but also to split the LED display. And makes it easy to transport, maintain, etc. Below let's find out [...]

Car LED display function and features

2022-07-13T15:22:36+00:007月 13th, 2022|

In-vehicle LED display is to use led technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low-temperature technology, anti-static technology, anti-interference technology, in-vehicle electronic technology, etc. to display information products on mobile vehicles. As it is based on the mobile bus as the medium, it can be widely circulated in many places and bring great advertising promotion effect and is [...]

Why choose high refresh rate LED display?

2022-07-12T12:44:37+00:007月 12th, 2022|

First of all, we need to understand what is the "water ripple" on the display? Its scientific name is also known as: "moire". When we use a digital camera to shoot the scene, if there is a dense texture, often appear inexplicable water wave-like stripes. This is moire. Simply put, moire is a manifestation [...]

LED display grayscale level, the higher the better?

2022-06-27T14:15:58+00:006月 27th, 2022|

Grayscale, also known as color scale or grayscale, refers to the degree of light and dark changes in pixel luminescence. A base color grayscale generally has 8 levels to 1024 levels. For example, if the grayscale of each primary color is 256 levels, for dual color screens, the display color is 256x256 = 64K [...]

Led display brightness adjustment method introduction

2022-06-25T16:40:24+00:006月 25th, 2022|

LED display brightness adjustment methods One is to change the current flowing through the LED, the general LED tube allows continuous working current in about 20 mA, in addition to the red LED saturation phenomenon, other LED brightness is basically proportional to the current flowing through; Another method is to use the visual inertia [...]

LED display aging knowledge, what is LED aging test?

2022-05-16T14:51:43+00:005月 16th, 2022|

The aging of LED displays is an essential step in the production process of LED displays, as well as a detection link in the production and testing of LED displays, which is an important guarantee of the quality of LED electronic display products. The LED aging test is a very important link in product [...]

Application field analysis of LED transparent screen

2022-05-05T15:24:45+00:005月 5th, 2022|

For the traditional LED display, the traditional LED display is bulky and expensive, which is not conducive to maintenance. The installation requires a lot of transportation and installation labor costs. The LED transparent display screen is highly transparent and thin. It can be used in exhibitions, airports, advertising media, chain stores, large shopping malls, [...]