Is the brightness of LED display really the higher the better?

2022-03-03T13:14:00+00:003月 3rd, 2022|

As we all know, led, as a new light-emitting technology, is based on light-emitting diodes. The characteristics of low energy consumption and high brightness are inherent. Therefore, LED displays are becoming more and more popular. Moreover, when introducing LED screen products to users, many businesses often take low energy consumption and high brightness as [...]

Treatment Method of LED Display Screen Flickering

2022-02-28T13:08:15+00:002月 28th, 2022|

When we look at advertisements on the LED display screen, we sometimes find the screen flickering. How to deal with such a problem? Next, let's take a look at the detailed processing scheme. Generally speaking, it is assumed that the full-screen flowers and picture links are mainly due to the fault of the driver [...]

LED lamp beads moisture-proof and treatment methods

2022-02-24T09:22:56+00:002月 24th, 2022|

Will LED lamp beads get wet? Recently, the spring cold in the south is approaching, and many manufacturing enterprises are affected. The main reason is that the production raw materials are affected by moisture during the production process, so will the LED lamp beads be affected by moisture? What will be the impact on [...]

How to choose the suitable church led video wall?

2022-02-23T15:10:16+00:002月 23rd, 2022|

Introduction A church led video wall is made up of several displays to show the images from multiplexed sources. Its clear image and vivid video presentation make it more and more popular in the usage of churches and wedding scenes. Compared with the LCD screen or projector, the led video wall only costs around [...]

HD LED Screen working principle

2022-02-09T08:08:17+00:001月 22nd, 2022|

In the HD led screen, the ratio of the number of lines lit at the same time to the number of lines in the entire area is called the scanning mode. The scan is also divided into 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan, 1/16 scan, and other driving methods. That is to say, the [...]

Small-pitch LED Display Technical Analysis

2022-02-09T09:17:42+00:001月 22nd, 2022|

Small-pitch LED display refers to indoor LED display with LED point spacing of P2.5 and below, mainly including P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.8, P1.667, P1.5, and other LED displays screen products. With the improvement of LED display manufacturing technology, the resolution of traditional LED displays has been greatly improved. So how do the LED screen [...]

Creative LED Ball Screen Introduction

2022-02-09T09:21:01+00:001月 8th, 2022|

LED ball Screen is a creative LED spherical display, with the features of multiple displays splits, telescopic special-shaped display, uniform technology display, high-definition without distortion, high advertising value. LED spherical screen, module and PCB are designed with the trapezoidal board, which can realize seamless splicing, support uniform snapshot technology, and display screen without distortion. [...]

Analysis of LED Touch Screen Advantages

2022-02-09T09:21:31+00:001月 6th, 2022|

The touch all-in-one machine is a perfect combination of touch screen, LCD screen, industrial PC unit (commonly known as the host), and all-in-one shell, and finally touch operation can be realized through a power cord. The touch all-in-one machine is equipped with the world’s most advanced multi-point infrared touch screen. There is no delay [...]

How to Choose the Stage Rental Screen

2022-02-09T09:22:07+00:001月 6th, 2022|

In large-scale performances, ceremonial evenings, star concerts, and activities, we can often see various stage rental screens on the scene. So what is a stage rental display? When choosing a rental LED display, how to choose a product that suits you? First, the stage rental display is actually the LED display used for projection [...]