6 Things You Must Do Before Installing a Taxi Cab Digital Signage

Taxi cabs are an ideal place for digital signage because they’re often in busy places where people get information quickly. Digital signage is also easy to install, and there are no licensing fees.

It has a broad market for the info presentation of weather, business, entertainment, tourism, sports, transportation, etc.

But before you install the taxi cab digital signage, you have to do the 6 things below:

1. Know the working principle of the taxi cab digital signage

The taxi cab digital signage is used to present the content of advertising in form of videos, images, text, etc. Which is powered by the car battery to make sure it’s running. There is one control card installed on the screen, so the users can control it by the online platform on a phone or PC.

Keep in mind that the screen only connects with a 12v direct current. If you want to test it at home or office, you need to buy one converter to connect.

2. Check if the taxi roof screen is allowed in your state

You need to go to the transportation department or government website to check if the taxi roof screen is allowed to install.

Some states don’t mention it.

Some states might have regulations on the device size and brightness, including the screen height should not exceed 500cm to impact the drivers’ view of a traffic signal or road signs; the screen brightness should not exceed 2000nits at the night to affect pedestrians; the advertising should not include the content of tobacco, wines, drugs, and sex.

3. Choose your preferred screen model and customize it

There are several different taxi digital screen models for choice.

Divided by the screen numbers: we have double sides and three sides screen

Divided by the screen pixel: we currently produce p5, p4, p3, p3.33, p2.5, and p2 taxi screen

Divided by the screen size: we have a slim light-weight design and a normal-weight design.

Please check the photos below for reference.

About the screen pixel:

which will decide the screen cost and influence the screen presentation effect.

The smaller the screen pixel, the higher resolution, and the higher the cost.

For beginners with a limited budget, p5 is suitable to have a try and experience its functions.

For users’ pursuit of better advertising effect, we recommend using p3, p2.5, and p2.

About the screen customization:

You can negotiate with us to decide the screen cabinet color.

And also, you can have your brand logo on the two sides of the screen.

4. Choose your preferred control method

If you like the smart control, you can choose our widely used Android system, which will allow you to control the taxi cab digital signage on the platform via your phone or PC. On the platform, you can set the below functions: brightness automatically changes during day and night; content changes according to the time period; play logs for daily, weekly and monthly; Geofencing advertising, etc.

If you like the traditional control like a USB device. You can store the content in advance in the USB, then plug it into the control card, then the taxi screen will play the content in order.

For a more detailed operation explanation, pls visit our article: the ultimate guide to taxi top screen

5. Know how to install the taxi screen

Compared with other types of LED screens like LED billboards, shop shelter screens, bus screens, rental screens, etc, the taxi cab digital signage is much easier to install. It only needs a few minutes to finish all the steps.

First, you need to tell us your car model and measure the car roof width distance according to the photo below, so we can recommend a suitable roof rack to you.

roof tack measurement

Second, assemble the two roof racks and get through the screen bottom bracket then use the screws to fix the bracket. Put the roof racks onto the car roof and adjust the handle to fit the car. This will make sure the screen is fixed on the car roof when driving and sharp turns.

Click here to check our installation video on youtube.

6. Choose a reliable supplier

Finding one reliable supplier with good quality and a favorable price is also important.

You need to consider if the supplier can provide the after-sale service and tech support during installing the taxi screen. Is their available 24*7 to solve your problems?

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