The Ultimate Guide to Taxi Top Screen

What is taxi top screen

Taxi top led display is a brand new media for DOOH advertising. Integrated with Android system card, 4G, WIFI, and GPS module, enable it remote advertising function on phone or PC. It can be installed on taxis, buses, and other vehicles due to its lightweight and slim design.


How it work and effects

After all the settings, the taxi top screen can be accessed by the realtime platform. You can upload the videos or images onto the platform and set the ads running by time period or Geofencing function.

taxi screen cloud platform

And for ads providers, the system provides record functions, so the play logs can be sent to you by minutes or days.

play log


Nielsen has a report endorsing the taxi advertising screen as the hottest and most effective medium for brands to advertise on an outdoor platform. For outdoor advertising, there can be no better medium than the transit medium which is fulled by data and location intelligence components to give your brand that edge.

taxi screen effects


How to choose a suitable model

As the development of the cabinet design and outdoor high brightness modules, Eyecatchmedia has formed the following models according to the screen pixel: p5, p4, p3, and p2.5.

For beginners and limited budget users, p5 would be a good choice to start. Display size: 960*320mm.

Video link on Youtube:


For high-resolution requirement users, p2.5 and p3 would be a good option.

P3 taxi top screen display size: 960*288mm, which is co-designed with one US customer, with functions: easy maintenance and stable for working.

Video link on Youtube:

p3 taxi top screen


P2.5 taxi top screen display size: 960*320mm, which is designed according to the customers’ requirement for lightweight and slim shape.

Video link on Youtube:

p2.5 taxi top screen


How to install

The taxi advertising screen can be installed with a mounting rack, which can connect the taxi screen and the car roof, with key design to prevent theft.

Before installation, you need to measure the car window distance and rain trough distance, so we can choose a suitable rack.

roof tack measurement

And we have made the rack installation video as below:


How to operate

This is the main problem most customers confronted. When you get the taxi top led display, you need to do the following steps:

1. Connect the screen and the car battery to check the screen working status. There are two wires that come from the screen bottom. Connect red wire to positive and black wire to negative. And make sure not connecting the screen to domestic electricity. The taxi top screen can only work at 12-24V.

power connection

2. Register one account at our platform:

3. Bind your control card to the platform.

During this time, you need to download one software Easyboard:

The control card interface as below:

system card

Then do the following:

  • Switch the control card to AP mode.
  • On the PC, connect the control card wireless network, which starts with e30


  • Open the software Easyboard and refresh, click on the parameter settings, the password for the parameter setting is 888. Then click “system network server configuration”



  • These two places, enter and your registered company ID, and save.


  • Depending on your decision to use WIFI or 4G to set.

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen

  • Close the page, and switch the card from AP to WIFI, log in the website:, Refresh and you will see the control card series number appears on the page. Bind finish.


4. Use the platform to publish ads by time or geolocation.

  • First, you need to upload the videos or pictures.

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen

  • Go to program label, add simple program and enter the correct width and height pixel. Then enter the program editing interface.

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen

  • Choose the videos and pictures from the media list.

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen

  • Back to program and create task.

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen

  • Select the terminals and click “program task” tool to publish the program task.

taxi top screen,taxi screen,taxi advertising screen


How to maintain or repair the taxi top screen

Usually, the taxi screen can last for 5-10 years if without inappropriate actions.

In case of any broken situation, we suggest preparing 2 modules alongside the taxi screen. You need to open the cover and replace the broken modules.

The maintenance video on Youtube:


How to enhance the digital taxi advertising screen with spare parts

The commonly used spare parts are light sensors and GPS modules.

With a light sensor, the taxi screen can adjust its screen brightness automatically according to the surrounding environment.

With a GPS module, the screen can track the screen position and set the ads by geolocation.

light sensor

For detailed taxi advertising screen specification and download the complete manual for operation, please visit our product page and feel free to contact us for any questions.