Transparent led screen

Eyecatchmedia Transparent LED Screen is a glass-like LED Screen, which can be seen through from the inner or outer space. Its high definition and vivid presentation make it used widely in many scenes.

  • We provide screen pixels like p3.91, p7.81, p10.4 to fit customers’ different needs.
  • Regular cabinet size 1000*1000mm and 1000*500mm for fixed installation and rental.
  • Special transparent screen designs and shapes can be accepted to manufacture.
  • p3.91 transparent screen
  • p7.81 transparent screen module
  • p3.91 transparent screen cabinet

Why Eyecatchmedia transparent led screen?

Eyecatchmedia’s LED Display has been exported to more than 100 countries. Our rich experience in production and management make sure the product quality and service.

  • Thin and light
  • Cabinet dimension:500*500mm/500*1000mm
  • Ultra-thin design: thickness 40mm
  • The screen is perfect fusion with building
  • The PCB board is the most narrow in this line 3mm
  • Fast lock for cabinet connection
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Only 10seconds for one person to assemble
  • Easy installation and without any other tools
  • more than 80% transparency

Eyecatchmedia: Your Professional Transparent LED Screen Supplier

Eyecatchmedia is a Professional LED Display Manufacturer With 10 Years of LED Display Factory Experience. LED Control System With CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS Approved. ALL-LED Display Products With 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Parts.

We have the Strictly LED Display Quality Control From the Materials, Such as LED Chips, Driving IC, LED Module and LED Cabinet to LED Display Panel to achieve the best effects. Eyecatchmedia display ranges from commercial LED display, rental LED Screen, stadium sports LED screen, truck LED displays, curtain LED screen and message LED display signs, etc

We committed to offering the 7/24 responsive customer service for the installation and technical problems through Teamviewer, Skype, WeChat, etc.

Transparent LED Display Parameters

The Ultimate guide of Transparent LED Screen

1. How the transparent screen works?

The transparent display is an electronic display that allows the user to see what is shown on the screen while still being able to see through it.

LCD has a liquid crystal sandwiched between 2 glass sheets which are polarised together the lighting is blocked by the liquid crystals to create images the fluorescent lighting is provided from the sides of the screen.

LED is similar to LCD only the method of lighting is different in led screen the light is from the back of the screen and the light source is a light-emitting diode instead of fluorescent lamps. LEDs have better picture quality because they have RGB color wheels installed in them, which produce sharper and more realistic images. And their lifespan is longer than an LCD screen.

2. The Application of the Transparent LED Screen.

Currently, more and more glass led screens are used for commercial scenes and public service areas. For example, the retail windows, showcases, shopping malls, stadiums, media architecture, airports, museums, events and etc.

These displays are also used in shop windows. The shopping windows show the product on the inside as well as show text or advertisements on the glass. This type of showcase is becoming more popular as see-through screens are becoming cheaper and more available.

Shopping mall: it combines the modern art beauty of transparent screen and the building, which makes it a splendid viewing experience and attractive.

Showcase: the glass-like led screen attracts customers by setting the exhibited product in vivid contrast to its background of digital contents.

Museum: the transparent screen can be customized to different shapes. When it’s used in the museum, it will present the mystery and wonder of science and knowledge.

Stadiums: when used for sports events or concerts, it will show the holographic effects for the audience.

Airports: in the airports, the transparent screen will display the important info of the airplane’s arrival and departure.

transparent led screen applications

3. The Transparent LED Screen features and advantages.

High transparency: the most obvious feature is its transparency, which can reach  50-90% of the transmittance. It will make sure the natural light coming into the store without hindrance, so the product showcase will be not affected when you don’t use it.

Little room required: the lightweight and slim design ensure the little space needed by the glass window screen. It only has 10mm thickness, after the installation on the facade of the glass wall, you will not notice the difference before and after. And it only uses the steel frame to install, no supporting steel structure is needed.

Energy-saving and environment protection: when using the transparent led wall, you can get rid of the unnecessary bottom color, and change the color to dark which doesn’t give off light when the transparent LED screen is played, just like it’s disappearing, thus the screen only displays the needed content. This playing method can greatly reduce light pollution and energy consumption, which is above 30% lower than the common SMD LED screens

Easy operation: with the control card installed and the internet cable connected, the glass screen can be controlled via your computer. Or via your phone and the cloud platform when the wireless control card is installed. Changing the ads or content any place and any time is available.

High brightness and long life span: the SMD1921 lamp beads are used for the led transparent screen, which ensures its brightness reaches 6000nits. And its lifespan is around 100000 working hours.

4. The difference between Transparent LED Display and Traditional Screen.

Transparency: because of this, the transparent led screen has more varieties of presentation forms and installation locations. It can be used in more scenes and stages. It has the same quality standards as the traditional ones.

Weight: the transparent screen is 13kg per sqm compared to the 50kg per sqm of traditional led screen. This means you don’t need the supporting steel structure to install the glass screen.

Maintenance: due to the lightweight and indoor working environment, it would be safer and easier to maintain the transparent screen. While the traditional led screen will need more strength to deal with the heavy cabinet and cable connections.

Cost-effective: it will not need the air conditioner or other cooling systems to keep the screen working, which will save a huge cost from the electricity. Its power consumption is less than 280w per sqm.

transparent led screen project

5. Is the Transparent LED Screen Customizable?

Yes, it can be customized according to the customers’ special requirements.

So its shape can be made to flat, curved, oval, cylindrical and etc.

The unique content and advertising ads can be made for a variety of screen shapes.

Don’t make your mind confined by the traditional screen forms. The vivid glass screen presentation will make your promotion more attractive.

6. Can the Glass LED Screen be used for outdoor purposes?

Usually, the transparent led screen is installed in indoor locations, but it can achieve the outdoor advertising purpose.

It can be seen indoor or outdoor. This creative message form will be attractive to the audience, thus reinforcing the brand’s awareness and promotion effects.

7. How to choose the right transparent LED screen for your project?

Before you go for the quotation of the transparent screen, you need to have one full consideration of the project details as below:

Where you would like to install the screen?

What’s your targeted audience?

In which way your ads will be presented?

Which screen pixel pitch to choose to get the best effects?

The brightness and control methods you need.

After this process, you will know your aims clearly, and the quotations can be made for you. You can also check our transparent screen cases as a reference to make a choice.

transparent screen

8. How to install the Transparent LED Screen?

Transparent LED Screen,glass led screen,transparent led display

transparent led screen cabinet

9. The lifespan of the Transparent LED Display.

Usually, the led screen lifespan is around 100000 hours. But the real lifespan depends on the operation and daily maintenance.

The led screen is composed of led modules and bulbs. So the defective parts will also impact the working life of the screen.

Also, other factors like high temperature, humidity, rainy weather, dusty environment are the reasons for shortening the lifetime.

10. How to find a great Transparent LED Display provider?

Nowadays, transparent led screens are widely used in the world and have been accepted by many companies and individuals.

There are several companies provides the led screen, Eyecatchmedia is one of the leading LED screen solution provider in China.

We have the Strictly LED Display Quality Control From the Materials, Such as LED Chips, Driving IC, LED Module and LED Cabinet to LED Display Panel to achieve the best effects. Eyecatchmedia display ranges from commercial LED display, rental LED Screen, stadium sports LED screen, truck LED displays, curtain LED screen and message LED display signs, etc.

All of us have a clear mind that fully supporting customers’ development to make long-term cooperation, helping the customers to obtain better revenues.

We will continually produce better and more updated led display products. And as always, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality and perfect LED Screen products and services.