Compared with the traditional LED display technology, the new LED display technology is a collection of new technologies that can solve various thorny problems in the process of production, manufacturing, and use, and effectively improve the display effect and quality. The character of “new” should be reflected in the use of new technologies, new materials, new processes, new double carbon environmental protection and energy-saving technology solutions, new resource-saving technology solutions, and new technology application solutions, and the emergence of new application forms at the client. LED display system mainly includes four parts: display pixel device, driving IC device, power supply component, and signal control. The technical breakthrough of each part is contributing to the growth of new technology collection.

From the perspective of hardware, LED display panel is the core component of LED display system because it integrates two parts: display pixel device and driving IC device, involving four basic bottom layer support technologies: LED chip, LED chip packaging, driving IC chip, and packaging and PCB board making. Therefore, we believe that the emergence, development, and application of new LED display technology are based on the breakthrough of the underlying support technology of the above-LED display panel. The continuous breakthrough of the underlying support technology drives the development of new technologies in the industry. Fundamental and underlying technological breakthroughs often bring disruptive changes to the industry.

Among the above four underlying support technologies of the LED display panel, LED chip technology and LED chip packaging technology belong to the LED display industry, and the other two do not belong to our industry. However, with the in-depth thinking of integrated technology, cross-industry technology has produced the phenomenon of interaction and integration. Integrated design and manufacturing solutions will become a new development trend.

With the emergence and practice of integrated design and manufacturing solutions, there are two systematic classifications of the underlying support technology of LED display panels. The first is the technology of bracket pin type single device package lamp driver separation system. The second is the technology of de bracket pinout integrated package lamp drive in one system.

At present, the second type of system technology has obtained led chip, LED chip packaging, and driving IC chip and packaging. The integration breakthrough of these three underlying support technologies has promoted the technical progress of LED display panels in the industry, promoted the integration of industrial technology in the industry, and also promoted the integration of cross-industry industrial technology, resulting in a qualitative leap in the LED display panel and products, It represents the development direction of high integration and will continue to drive the industry to a high-level direction. It conforms to the characteristics of new LED display technology and belongs to the category of new LED display technology.

High order and high configuration

The underlying support technology of LED display panels determines the technology and manufacturing level of the LED display units, which can be measured by order. It finally determines the high and low quality of the screen, which is a genetic evaluation index. It is the most basic and core thing of LED display system, which determines the general direction of industry development in the future. With the technological progress in this area, the horizontal pattern of high-order, medium-order, and low-order technology and manufacturing has gradually evolved.

In addition to the bottom support technology of the LED display panel, the on-screen technology is a supporting technology, which is represented by configuration. Such as power supply technology, optical effect processing technology, image effect processing technology, video signal transmission access, and control technology, box splicing adjustment and protection technology, energy-saving technology, anti-electromagnetic interference technology, etc. They are attached to the underlying support technology and are optimization technologies that can further improve and improve the display effect and quality. Similarly, the continuous progress of technology will also evolve the technical level pattern of high distribution and low distribution.

It may be predicted that as long as some technologies are integrated with the underlying technology, we will be in a supporting position in the practice. Although the new LED display technology is relative from the perspective of time, its evaluation should always reflect the combination of high-order and high configuration.

Are mini-led and micro-led new LED display technologies

We are concerned that the most popular concepts in the industry are mini-led and micro-led, but why call them concept rather than technology now? The reasons here are complex and need to be explained in detail.

The original meaning of mini-led and micro-led English words refers to the miniaturization of the physical space size of the LED. Logically, mini LED products should have smaller LED chip sizes and smaller pixel spacing sizes than the previous small spacing display technology products in our industry. The first standard of mini LED is the T / slda 01-2020 group standard of slda, which clearly defines the two core feature elements of mini led: the chip size of LED is in the range of 50-200um, and the pixel spacing size of the display unit is in the range of 0.3-1.5mm. At present, there is no product evaluation standard for micro led in the industry, but following this logical reasoning, the two core feature elements involved in micro led concept products should be: the size of the LED chip is less than 50um, and the pixel spacing size of the display unit is less than 0.3mm.

  • Micro LED

For micro led to answer this question, the situation is relatively simple. Micro LED should undoubtedly belong to the category of new LED display technology and should be a collection of high-order and high configuration technologies in the industry. But at least it is not yet, and it is still in the exploratory stage. We know that to realize micro led, the technical threshold is very, very high. Behind it, there is a huge amount of and repeated work to be done in design planning, process route exploration and manufacturing process management, material characteristic research, equipment accuracy improvement, industrial coordination and supporting, products and applications. What we rely on and reflect on is the breakthrough of the above four underlying support technologies of LED display panel, The new system technology is the underlying logic of its development, and there are many supporting technologies attached to it to breakthrough. The process is long and not achieved overnight. The old system technology has no such ability to realize micro-LED products.

The reality is: at present, the LED display industry has not realized the real micro-LED products, the industrialization is not mature, and there is still a long way to go. Everyone is trying to find a breakthrough. The logical reasoning and judgment here are also very simple. The technical products with the pixel spacing of mini led in the industry of 0.5-0.3mm have not made a substantive breakthrough, and there are still some technical bottlenecks to be solved. How can there be micro-LED products with higher technical thresholds? Therefore, micro LED is still in the stage of concept hype.

Therefore, the current speculation on the distortion of micro-LED products in the market is ridiculous. In particular, the practice of linking cob with micro-LED is doomed to fail because cob technology is unable to realize micro-LED products. In the new system technology, cob integrated packaging only belongs to the medium-level manufacturing level, and even cob integrated packaging has no ability to realize. Can micro-LED products be made by technologies with lower order than cob integrated packaging? If so, it must be a “micro-led” product. Using cob integrated package to make Mini led level pixel spacing products and micro led level LED chips to make Mini led level pixel spacing products are also not micro LED products in the real sense. The reason is that this logical reasoning conclusion can be reached by evaluating the two core feature elements in the T / slda 01-2020 mission standard of slda.

  • Mini LED

The situation of mini LED is relatively complex. Slda’s t / slda 01-2020 mission standard treats the underlying support technology of all LED display panels equally, adopts the non-discriminatory principle of wide in and strict out, and formulates strict general technical specifications. In the evaluation of core technical indicators, the threshold is not generally high. For the low-level manufacturing technology of LED display panels, it may be an insurmountable mountain.

At present, the high-level manufacturing technology of LED display panels has not been applied to mini LED products. The medium-level manufacturing technology such as cob integration + full flip chip is relatively at a high level in mini LED products.

Mini LED products can represent the direction of new LED display technology only by using the technical scheme of the combination of high-order and high configuration. In other words, if we want to see Mini LED products, we must know what underlying support technology and supporting technology are used behind them because Mini LED products also use low-order + low configuration technology.

Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish whether Mini-led and micro-LED are concepts or technologies. The concept can be hyped, but it should be objective, true, rational, and moderate. The industry should also remain sober. That is, don’t deceive others, and don’t be fooled by others. Be alert to negative energy with ulterior motives. Once again, remind everyone to be alert to the hype of micro-led theme of cob, micro-led hype of mini LED products and pseudo micro-LED products. Rather than being keen on hype, big manufacturers in the industry should sink down to in-depth research and development to contribute wisdom and strength to the early substantive breakthrough of mini-led and micro-LED technology. Jointly safeguard the authority of the industry group targets you participate in the formulation, jointly safeguard the image of the industry platform and association, and jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of end-users.

Only by paying attention to the breakthrough of the underlying support technology of LED display panels can we obtain the sustainable, healthy, stable, and prosperous development of the mini LED industry.

The core of new LED display technology

In all-new LED display technologies, the technology of de bracket pinout integrated packaging lamp drive in one system plays a core role.

Because it is a breakthrough in the basic underlying support technology of LED display panels, it has also been written into the group standard of slda T / slda 01-2020 on the classification of mini LED packaging technology for the first time.

This new system technology was founded in 2010. Under the framework of system technology and theoretical guidance, two generations of technology have been developed.

1. First-generation cobip Technology

Cobip technology is the English abbreviation of chip on board integrated packaging, and the Chinese abbreviation is cob integrated packaging technology. It is in line with the systematic technical characteristics of de bracket pining, integrated packaging, and lamp drive in one-panel integration. It is also an innovative technology of new system technology.

Cobip technology realizes the de bracket pining of LED display panel dot-matrix pixel surface and integrates the lamp driver separation technology of traditional system technology into one PCB. Its great contribution to the industry lies in finding the mechanism of too many pixel failure problems of the LED display panels, establishing the new system technology theory and the classification ideas and methods of two system technologies, and improving the pixel failure control level of the LED display panel from 10000 to millions.

Due to the unbalanced constraints of the era background and industrial development, it is a pity that cobip technology can not solve the problem of too many display system failures caused by the driving IC device pins on the back of the pixel surface.

Therefore, cobip technology is only a semi-de bracket pinout technology, which is a dot-matrix pixel plane chip-level welding integrated packaging technology. It only solves the problem of too many failures of the dot matrix pixel plane of the LED display panel and does not solve the problem of too many failures of driving IC plane.

In addition, in the integration technology of one PCB board integrating lamp drive, the layout mode of cobip technology is to arrange the dot matrix pixels and driving IC devices in the same PCB board.

2. Second-generation cocip and cncip Technology

Cocip and cncip technology are the English abbreviations of (chip on chip integrated packaging) and (chip next to chip integrated packaging) respectively and are referred to as COC integrated packaging and CNC integrated packaging technology in Chinese. Similarly, they are also in line with the systematic technical characteristics of de bracket pining, integrated packaging, and lamp drive in one-panel integration. They are the second generation technology developed within the framework of the system technology and under the guidance of the system technology theory.

The difference from the first generation cobip technology lies in the following aspects:

The same PCB pin bracket is realized.

The dual function fully bare chip welding integrated packaging technology is realized.

The lamp driving is realized, the PCB board is arranged in the same plane and dot-matrix pixels, and there is no driving IC device behind the LED display panel.

In other words, cocip and cncip technologies solve the problem of too many failures of LED display panel driving IC devices left over by cobip technology, which can be predicted to greatly improve the reliability of the whole LED display system. In addition, the second generation technology can also greatly improve the optical consistency effect of the LED display panels. From the aspect of hardware, the dynamic response speed of video signal processing is significantly improved and the delay is reduced. The uniform heat distribution of the LED display panel is realized.

Application of new system technology

The first generation cobip technology of the new system technology has been widely used, especially in the high-end Mini LED display products represented by cob integrated packaging + full flip-chip technology. Industrial capital has invested tens of billions of yuan.

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

High-end Mini LED display products based on cobip Technology

The products have gradually matured and the market share has been expanding. Driven by the industrial scale, the influence of cobip technology is increasing day by day and began to expand to the subdivided application market with high-quality demand. For example, in the outdoor high reliability and small spacing display application market and outdoor advertising media operation market, cobip technology appears on the glass display of taxis, online car-hailing, commercial vehicles, buses, and bus vehicles in the vehicle mobile advertising media operation market.

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

Vehicle-mounted mobile media digital advertising platform based on cobip Technology

At present, there is also a market with great demand and potential for cobip technology, which is the light pole display and hundred cities and thousands of screens of smart city, because these projects reflect the image of government and urban leadership. The use of cobip technology can greatly reduce the phenomenon of urban “psoriasis” caused by traditional LED display screens and make the building and display more harmonious, So that the positive energy image of the city can be highlighted.

Cncip’s technical advantages fully show the difference in the application form of products. It takes the lead in making a breakthrough in the application of upper window and glass display with a number of technical label advantages. The application of a magic paste screen with a transparent function will attract the extensive attention of outdoor glass media operators, digital media operators, vehicle-mounted mobile media operators, business circles, and community media operators.

Because in the outdoor media industry, version 1.0 advertising monitoring standard has recently been issued. In the future, without the support of high-quality LED display products suitable for the outdoor media field, it is difficult for media operators to obtain high-quality advertisers and long-term and stable profitability.

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

Ultra-thin, unstructured, and pasting glass magic paste screen based on cncip Technology

In addition to the field of LED display, the larger and large-scale commercial application market is the mini LED backlight of liquid crystal display equipment. Many companies have adopted or are considering adopting cobip technology, and the display effect of LCD products has been qualitatively improved after use. In the future, if the mini LED LCD TV backlight adopts cocip or cncip technology, the display effect of the product will have a revolutionary leap.

Solution and project product development

In addition to the industry’s existing large-scale Mini LED product application solutions with cobip technology as the underlying support technology, the new system technology can also meet customers’ needs for outdoor small spacing, high reliability, high brightness, and low attenuation, and meet customers’ needs for ultra-thin, unstructured and pasteable products in terms of application form, Change people’s aesthetic fatigue of traditional display screen. New technology solutions and product R & D mainly involve the following subdivided application fields:

  •  Vehicle-mounted mobile media

Vehicle mobile media involves a variety of vehicles, mainly taxis, online car-hailing, business vehicles, freight logistics vehicles, buses, bus vehicles, driverless vehicles, Van trucks, etc. Due to the low reliability, bulky box structure, and the restrictions of relevant safety laws and regulations, the traditional LED display technology restricts the large-scale development of this field.

Based on the product characteristics of the new system technology, it can provide standardized and customized digital media operation cloud control system solutions with integrated matching design for the above vehicles. At home and abroad, there are many bottlenecks in brightness, reliability, energy consumption, and other aspects of taxi top small spacing display advertising machine products. The annual equipment elimination rate is as high as about 10%, and the equipment replacement rate in the five-year operation period is about 50%. Based on the stability of cobip technology and cncip technology, the equipment replacement rate will not exceed 10% in five years, which can save considerable equipment operation and maintenance costs and equipment replacement costs for operators. The comprehensive calculation cost advantage of the product is obvious. It can quickly enter the large-scale secondary market of equipment replacement, build reputation and brand, and lay a good foundation for finally entering the primary project market.

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

Digital media operation solution of taxi roof based on cobip Technology

For cncip technology, there is another noteworthy application in the stock transformation market of on-board mobile media, that is, the van advertising vehicle, as shown in the figure below: the new application scheme can solve a variety of practical application problems, such as fast mounting, high brightness, low attenuation, energy saving, saving installation space, outdoor protection, anti-theft, anti destruction, easy cleaning and so on, The design of the car will be changed from steel sheet to iron sheet at the source.

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

Solution to the transformation of toughened glass display carriage based on cncip Technology

For the glass of vehicles, because the new technology provides it with an ultra-light, unstructured, pasteable transparent or opaque digital electronic advertising paste solution, the rear window glass and a roadside glass of vehicles have become popular resources for media companies. The screen body is de box, de bracket, and destructured, which reduces the weight several times and improves the safety performance. The modern appearance experience, rapid and simple installation de specialization, has won the favor of customers. The following figure shows three electronic advertising paste solutions.

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

Transparent electronic advertising paste solution for buses, taxis, online car-hailing and business vehicles based on cobip Technology

The mounting solution of large-size glass on the roadside of the bus will not affect the comfort of passengers. Due to the existence of the protective layer, passengers will not directly touch the screen body, there are no electronic components behind the screen body, and there is more than 70% light transmittance, which is also an unstructured solution. The reason why this technology can arouse the interest of media companies is that its advertising covers a large number of roadside people. It will not distract the driver’s driving attention. It is easier to pass the review than the rear window project, and advertisers are more willing to put advertisements.

  •  Vitreous media

There are many glass resources involved in outdoor non-mobile media, such as building glass curtain walls, commercial center buildings, street-front stores, chain stores, community, subway station wharf, stadium, 4S store, office compartment, and so on. In these places, the application advantages of the new system technology are very obvious, which can provide media companies with unique long-term, safe and stable operation solutions. The advantages of these products are mainly reflected in ultra-thin, unstructured, pasteable, ultra-high brightness, low attenuation, high reliability, high permeability, low operation and maintenance cost, and long service life. Using cobip and cncip display technology combined with digital media operation cloud control platform and broadcasting platform technology to develop in the direction of the small screen and multi-point application can significantly improve the efficiency of operators and reduce costs. At the same time, it can also greatly reduce the single-screen delivery threshold of advertisers. Let potential advertisers who have not been able to participate in the past participate, and then integrate the advertising needs expressed by the call auction and advertising in the business district, so as to enlarge the scale of the source advertising pool. At the same time, it also enhances the radiation range and communication efficiency of advertising and enhances the profitability of operators.

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

Solution of window transparent electronic advertising paste for digital media operation based on cobip Technology

In the application of glass non-transparent electronic advertising paste, it can provide a digital operation transformation scheme for traditional media operators with the following glass advertising position resources:

Inkjet lightbox advertising machine with glass side door

Garbage sorting inkjet lightbox advertising machine with glass door

Community gate spray painting lightbox advertising machine with glass door

Glass billboards at bus stops

new led display technology,vehicle mounted led screen,taxi roof led display

Installation effect of magic screen office glass partition based on cncip Technology

  • Application solution of outdoor small space display

Application solution of outdoor small spacing display screen with pixel spacing of P2-P4 based on cncip technology and cobip technology.

Application solution of P2-P4 pixel spacing display on taxi roof based on cncip technology and cobip technology.

Application solution of ultra-light ventilation smart light pole screen display based on cncip technology and cobip technology.

Research and development of soft film display application products based on cocip Technology

Research and development of LCD backlight panel application products based on cocip or cncip Technology