The Ultimate Guide to Unipole LED Screen Advertising

In the bustling thoroughfares of modern cities and on the highways that connect them, one advertising medium glitters with eye-catching efficiency: the unipole LED screen. This high-visibility tool is an evolution in outdoor advertising, leveraging the power of advanced technology to capture attention and deliver messages with unprecedented clarity and vibrance. In this ultimate guide, we delve into what unipole LED screens are, their structures, the various types available, and how to choose the right one for your advertising needs.

What is a Unipole LED Screen?

A unipole LED screen is a type of outdoor advertising structure that consists of a large, static pole and a single, usually rectangular display. Unlike billboards that require physical posters, unipole LED screens can be updated in real-time and offer unparalleled opportunities for dynamic, digital advertising.

These screens stand tall above buildings and other obstructions, affording them unmissable visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic alike. They harness the power of digital innovation to connect with audiences, providing advertisers with a flexible platform to broadcast multiple messages throughout the day, adapt to real-time events, and engage with consumers through interactive content.

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unipole led screen

Unipole LED Screen Structure

The anatomy of a unipole LED screen is both robust and meticulously engineered. The structure usually comprises a few key components:

  1. Foundation: The base of the unipole is secured with a deep foundation, often made of concrete, to ensure stability against weather and environmental stressors.
  2. Pole: This is the vertical component that carries the screen high above other structures. It is typically made from steel and engineered to withstand wind loads.
  3. Display: The LED screen is comprised of multiple LED panels that create a seamless display. This module-based design allows for customizable sizes and shapes.
  4. Electrical Systems: Includes the power supply, data processors, and other electrical components that drive the display technology.
  5. Maintenance Access: Service structures such as ladders or platforms are incorporated to facilitate regular maintenance and repairs.

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unipole led screen installation

Types of Unipole LED Billboard

Not all unipole LED billboards are created equal. Depending on your specific advertising goals, various designs can maximize the impact of your message:

  • Trihedron Unipole LED Billboard

The trihedron unipole billboard features three LED screens positioned in a triangular formation. This innovative design rotates to showcase different adverts, capturing attention by motion and enabling advertisers to display multiple messages within a single structure. It’s a great tool for delivering complex campaigns or sharing space with other advertisers.

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trihedron unipole led billboard

  • Double Side Unipole LED Billboard

Double-sided billboards are exactly what they sound like—two screens back to back, providing 360-degree visibility. This is highly effective in areas with traffic coming from both directions, doubling the potential audience exposure.

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double sides unipole screen

  • Cantilever Unipole LED Billboard

A cantilever design features a screen that extends outward from a single side of the pole, seemingly suspended in the air. This type of billboard is perfect for locations where space is limited or where regulations prevent the use of standard unipole designs.

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cantilever unipole led billboard

  • V-shaped Unipole Advertising Billboard

Taking advantage of angular visibility, V-shaped billboards present two screens in a V configuration. This optimizes viewing angles, allowing the screens to be seen from different approaches, making them ideal for busy intersections or highway junctions.

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v shaped unipole screen

How to Choose the Suitable Unipole Advertising Screen

Choosing the right unipole LED screen for your needs involves considering several factors:

  1. Location: Assess the potential sites for footfall, visibility, and prominence. High-traffic areas are preferred but also consider the relevance of the location to the advertised product or service.
  2. Screen Size and Type: Based on the location and the distance from which the screen will be viewed, select a screen size and type that ensures readability and impact.
  3. Content Strategy: Your advertising content will influence your choice. Static images or text require less resolution, while video content would benefit from higher-resolution screens for clarity.
  4. Budget: Be mindful of the costs not only of the screen itself but also of installation, maintenance, and content creation.
  5. Regulations: Ensure compliance with local advertising standards and obtain necessary permits before installation.
  6. Technology: Look for screens with the latest LED technology that offers energy efficiency, high brightness, and durability against the elements.
  7. Service and Maintenance: Choose a supplier that provides reliable after-sales support. It’s crucial to have regular maintenance to ensure the longevity and quality of your unipole LED screen.

By thoroughly considering these factors, you can select a unipole LED screen that fits your objectives, engages your target audience, and delivers a strong return on investment.


Unipole LED screens are revolutionizing outdoor advertising by marrying location prominence with the dynamism of digital media. From trihedron to V-shaped designs, these high-tech billboards offer a variety of ways to make a statement in the urban landscape. By carefully selecting the appropriate type, considering your content, budget, and location, and ensuring compliance with regulations, you can effectively harness the power of unipole LED advertising.

With thoughtful planning and a clear strategy, a unipole LED screen can become a pivotal element in your brand’s marketing mix, providing an unmissable and engaging touchpoint for your audience. In the digital age where advertising needs to be as fluid and vibrant as the content consumers engage with on their own devices, unipole LED screens stand tall as beacons of innovation and engagement.