Since 2021, the color TV industry has set off a wave of display technology. From liquid crystal display replacing CRT to OLED,  Mini led, micro led, and other innovative display technologies, the color TV industry has ushered in unprecedented prosperity. These display technologies have been considered by the industry as the next generation of display technologies. What are the advantages of  Mini-led?

mini led

Application direction

Mini LED is more applied to large-screen products such as color TV sets and laptops, because the large screen does not need to be thin and flexible, but the large screen needs high brightness, high color gamut, high-cost performance, and long life. Only Mini LED can realize these.

Technical advantages

The traditional LCD technology display mode is adopted, which is filtered by liquid crystal molecules. Then, the traditional area light source is changed into a point light source, so that each lamp is close to the size of one pixel to achieve high contrast and high brightness. It is understood that the number of light beads of Mini LED is more than ten times that of ordinary LED TV, and the peak brightness exceeds 1000nits. Mini-led each light bead has an independent LED chip control, which can independently control the lighting and opening of the light bead to control its display and truly achieve hardware light control.

In short, QD Mini led upgrades the area light source to pixel level point light source, so as to achieve better display effect. At the same time, it also uses the world’s leading led technology and adds inorganic nanocrystalline quantum dot materials between the backlight and the LCD screen, so as to achieve ultra-high contrast, ultra-high brightness, ultra-high color gamut, and ultra-long life, which is what large-scale color TV needs.