Why Taxi Top Led Screen Is Actually A Wise Investment

Many of us have seen small screens on the top of cabs in our towns and cities. Outdoor taxi top led screen is a newer form of advertising geared at passing information to masses in different places using led screens mounted on taxis, cabs and buses.

In a research done by the New York University’s Wagner’s school, about 361,000 people on long island walk to work and are able to see taxi ads every day.

These form of advertising is gaining popularity especially in big cities. It is fast overtaking the billboards and bench ads. With taxis becoming a preferred form of travel and the rise of UBER, information is better conveyed on screens on top of cabs.

How Does It Work: The LED Screens?

Considering a taxi only powered by gas, a battery and the alternator. Where then would the taxi get power for the screen? The LED screen is powered by the car’s own electricity. This caters for its power needs and since the alternator is always working, you can be assured that the LED screen will remain on the whole day and night.

How does advertising with a taxi top advertising work?

For taxis that are owned by a main stream taxi company, all the LED screens on top of their taxis will be controlled by them. This means that any individual seeking to advertise on this screens will have to pay the company directly for the advertising space.

You will probably be charged by the number of screens you choose to advertise on, the amount of time your want your banners up and whatever else the company’s contract will entail.

Individual taxi owners

Individual taxi owners can get an LED taxi top screen for their taxis and earn advertising fees from them. There are a great number of companies that provide taxi top LED screens for taxis. You have to be very selective when selecting a particular LED screen because the air conditions are very different at different times.

  • This screen will be subject to variations in temperature. Hot sunny days and cold winter nights
  • The screen will have to be bright both during the day and at night
  • The screen has to be stable in a taxi that will be moving and stopping all day long

Why getting an LED screen is a good idea

  1. Mobile advertising in transit vehicles is soon becoming an acceptable and more widespread method of promoting businesses. Most companies will seek to find a way of advertising with your company. This makes for a lot of Money in revenue
  2. The cost of running ads is totally dependent on you as the taxi owner. This allows you a revenue margin of your choosing
  3. With exorbitant advertising costs in the market, the cost of running ads will in time pay back the initial cost of buying the screen.
  4. With a reach of around 300,000 people per day this is a great investment if these views are converted into sales.



It comes without saying that this is indeed a great investment opportunity for anyone seeking to gain money from advertising fees. Taxis in major cities and towns are everywhere and in all truth are able to cover a wider area range compared to a static billboard. If you are indeed looking for a way to invest in taxi top led screen then be assured that they are indeed a great investment. Visit us for more detailed info.