Taxi top advertising: the brand new advertising tool your boss wants to know

Advertising has different forms, and taxi top advertising is a common form in many cities around the world. It originated first in the USA in 1976, and it has covered the streets for decades since then. A lot of people come across a taxi on a daily basis, and this makes it a suitable medium for advertisement. It is also cheaper than any billboard space in the city.


The appearance of the taxi roof Led display also known as the taxi top Led display increases the depth of advertising of a product or service. It is the same reason why the advertising market for Led taxi top is in high demand.


What are the benefits of taxi rooftop Led display?

Taxi top advertising sign

With a taxi, you can widely show your ads to the public as it is owned privately or owned by a vehicle hiring service, and it can go to every part of the city. The GPS location function in the taxi Led display triggers a change in the advertised which is typically determined by the location. Simply put, taxi top display shows advertisement A in one location and changes to advertisement B when it reaches another place. It allows you to reach the target market.


When compared to the traditional Led one color taxi sign, the taxi top digital display shows more advertising forms. The taxi top Led screen can display different colors, texts, and fonts. This, in turn, helps with readability. It also has more advertising forms like interesting videos and pictures. The utilization of the screen is greatly improved when compared to the traditional one color taxi sign. Changing pictures or videos in the traditional light box takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes advertisers have to pay a lot when they are interested in tweaking the colors. Using a 3G or 4G connection available in taxi top advertising, an advertiser can send programs to the screen with just a click of the mouse.


It gives large information capacity, the internal storage of a taxi top display screen is large enough so it can contain more pieces of advertisement.


Today, people from all over the world are now replacing the traditional taxi box with the Led taxi top displays. The innovative idea and how its effects are attractive make it a revolution in the taxi top Led advertising industry, and this makes the demand for taxi led display suppliers higher. The position of the display provides a proper viewing height for people at the eye level whether they are on the street or even at the peak of traffic. The backlit function enables the full visibility of advertisement both during the day and in the night.


With the information stated above, it is not a surprise that advertisers are now taking full advantage of the taxi. However, if you want to try this form of advertisement, you must make sure that the messages are short, bold and straightforward. Potential customers should be able to recognize it instantly and digest the information quickly.


To know more details about the taxi led display, you can check taxi top screen specification.