Outdoor Rental Led Display

  • p8 outdoor led cabinet
  • p8 outdoor led module
  • p8 outdoor led module
  • p8 outdoor led cabinet
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P8 Outdoor Rental LED Display

  • Model: P8 outdoor rental
  • Outdoor Rental LED Display
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • CE,RoHS,FCC Approved
  • Product Description: Outdoor P8mm Rental LED Display Cabinet 640mmx640mm HD LED Video Wall

P8 Outdoor Rental LED Display

  • Classical and stable structure and performance.
  • Two patent protected strong locks design, realizing the combination of reliability and security.
  • Die-casting aluminum body, lightweight for easy transportation and high accuracy installation.
  • Perfectly be compatible with any existing controller and without screen shaking/quick flashing/mosaic problems.
  • Supporting installation of hanging/ground mounting, for stage/TV show/studio, and other event applications.
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly.
led diagram
p5 indoor cabinet
rental screen opertaion

P8 Outdoor Rental LED Display Specifications:

Cabinet Resolution80(H)×80(V)
Pitch8mm Outdoor
Density15625 pixels/㎡(real density)
LED ArrangementSMD 3IN1
Driver ModeDynamic 1/4 Duty constant current
MaskPure Black mask-high contrast screen
Warranty2 Years Warranty
Electricity Parameter
View Angle140 degree ( horizontal)  140 degree(vertical)
Best View Distance5m-80m
Gray Scale8bits input, correction with 14bits
Display Color16.7M
Brightness Adjustment100 levels
Control System
Correction Scale Level16bits
Frame Update Frequency60-80Hz
Screen Refresh Frequency480Hz
Gamma Correction-5.0—5.0
Support InputComposite Video, S-Video, DVI, HDMI., SDI, HD_SDI
Control DistanceEthernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Support VGA Mode800×600,1024×768,1280×1024,1600×1200
Color Temperature5000-9300 adjustable
Brightness Correctiondot by dot, module by module, cabinet by cabinet

Rental outdoor led display usage & application 

The Outdoor LED Video Wall is highly usable at outdoor places like malls, stages, chain stores, hotels, public buildings, bars, restaurants, etc. Its thin size and ultra-lightweight module make it easy to install in any area without any place.

p4.81 rental screen
p4.81 rental screen