Led display brightness adjustment method introduction

LED display brightness adjustment methods

One is to change the current flowing through the LED, the general LED tube allows continuous working current in about 20 mA, in addition to the red LED saturation phenomenon, other LED brightness is basically proportional to the current flowing through;

Another method is to use the visual inertia of the human eye, the pulse width modulation method to achieve gray control, that is, periodically change the width of the light pulse (i.e., duty cycle), as long as this repeated lighting cycle is short enough (i.e., refresh frequency is high enough), the human eye does not feel the light-emitting pixels in jitter. Because pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, in the general use of microcomputers to provide led display content today, almost all the led screens use pulse width modulation to control the gray level.

HD led screen

led display advantages

  • Area extension, LCD area is large and difficult to achieve seamless splicing, LED display can be extended at will, and achieve seamless splicing.
  • LCD plasma screen luminous flux decay quickly, generally run about a year and a half time, you need to replace it, but the LED display under the same operating conditions for at least five years no problem.
  • LED screen machines can use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the screen machine as an advertising medium and the advertising audience, such as custom touch screens, to achieve cloud technology broadcast control management.

Product features

  • LED light-emitting lamp (or single lamp) generally consists of a single LED chip, reflector, metal anode, and metal cathode, covered with an epoxy resin shell with light transmission and light gathering capability. Available one or more (different colors) single light constitutes a basic pixel, due to high brightness, mostly used in outdoor displays.
  • LED dot matrix module by a number of chips to form a light-emitting matrix, epoxy resin encapsulated in a plastic shell. Suitable for row scanning drive, easy to constitute a high-density display, mostly used for indoor displays.
  • SMD LED light-emitting lamps (or SMD LED) are the LED light-emitting lamps of the paste welding form of packaging, can be used for indoor full-color display, can achieve single-point maintenance, and effectively overcome the mosaic phenomenon.