How are the wires of LED display connected?

Friends who have participated in the assembly and installation of the LED display screens know that behind the beautiful and flat LED display screen, the corresponding wires, network wires, and signal wires are staggered together and connected together to show the beautiful pattern on the front of LED display screen. In this article, we will explain in detail how to connect the wires of the LED display screen.

1. Select the cross-sectional area (thickness) of the wire according to the working current. Similarly, according to the national standard, the power supply of the conventional LED display screen we use is 200W or 300W, and the input current is generally 20-25a, so the main wire connecting the power supply and the power supply is generally 2.5mm ² Copper wire.

Under special circumstances, when the installation space is limited or the current and power of the LED display screen are large, for example, we use a high-power 400W LED display screen power supply, the output end carries P10 outdoor 2S module, and the current load is large (such as 10a). We can choose to use 1.5mm full-color one to two power cord  Copper wire as front section, 2.5mm  When the copper wire is used as the back section, the current at the power input terminal (220V) is about 25-30a, so we use 4mm ² Copper cable.

LED display wire connection

wire connection

2. Conventional wiring sequence. Generally, the power supply of the LED display screen we use is 200W or 300W, and the module power line is terminated at 5V (or 4.5V) to the module power base. The wire access sequence of power input terminal (220V) is: red (live wire or phase wire) is connected to L terminal, blue (zero wire or neutral wire) is connected to N terminal, and yellow (ground wire) is connected to the grounding terminal.

LED display wire connection

led screen cabinet

3. the branching and wiring of the large screen. According to the national standard, we know 2.5mm ² If the carrying power of copper wire is 5kW, it corresponds to that within 25 units 200W power supplies or 16 units 300W power supplies are connected with one circuit of 2.5mm ² Cables come out, and each power supply corresponds to a corresponding number of modules and display area. According to this principle, we can know how much power the distribution cabinet with a large screen should carry and how large a cross-sectional area the cable should be used for the main incoming line.