The installation method of a transparent screen is much more convenient than that of other common led displays. Most transparent screens are lighter and thinner in weight and lighter in structure. Then, what are the installation methods of the transparent screen of the scene?

The LED transparent screen is actually assembled by countless light strips. The quality of the transparent screen directly depends on the quality of the light strips, so the installation of the LED transparent screen is also very important. So how to install the LED transparent screen? What are the four installation methods?

In different installation environments, the installation methods of LED transparent screens are also different. The common installation methods of the transparent screen include hoisting, fixed installation, base installation, etc., of which the most common is hoisting, which is used in the fields of stage digital dance beauty, exhibition hall, and so on.

p3.91 transparent screen

  • Floor mounted base

There are many common in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc. for example, the screen body can be simply fixed at the bottom if the height of the screen body is not high. If the height of the screen body is high, it needs to be fixed up and down at the rear of the screen body to realize the fixation of the screen body.

  • Frame installation

Composite bolts are used to directly fix the box frame on the keel of the glass curtain wall without any steel structure. It is mainly used in the field of building glass curtain walls.

  • Hoisting installation

It is mainly used for indoor long screen and frame structure screens, which can be used for hoisting. This installation method must have a suitable installation place, such as the place where there is a cross beam above. Standard lifting pieces can be used for indoor concrete roofs, and the length of lifting pieces depends on the site conditions. The steel wire rope is the same as that of the indoor decorative screen.

  • Suspended installation

Wall-mounted installation can be adopted indoors, and concrete beams are required in the wall body or at the suspension. Outdoor installation mainly depends on steel structure, and there is no limit on the area and weight of the display screen.

The above four methods are common LED transparent screen installation methods. According to different application scenarios, the selected transparent display types will be different. Even if the installation methods are different, they will be flexibly changed according to the actual situation on-site and the design requirements. No matter which installation method is used, the steel structure of the LED transparent screen is very few, which only needs to be carried out on the installation point or installation surface.