We have seen a lot of LED display screens in our life, but we certainly don’t see many LED flexible screens. What’s the difference between it and our common LED display screens? Today, we will take you to learn more about it.

flexible led display

Characteristics of conventional indoor/outdoor LED display

  • High brightness: The brightness of an outdoor LED display screen is greater than 4000CD / m2, while that of indoor LED display screen is lower, generally around 2000cd / m2;
  • Large viewing angle: the indoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees and the outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The viewing angle is very wide, which is convenient for viewers to watch from multiple angles;
  • Long service life: the service life of LED is more than 100000 hours (ten years), which is durable;
  • The screen area can be large or small, ranging from less than one square meter to hundreds or thousands of square meters to meet the needs of use;
  • It is convenient to connect with the computer interface, supports rich software, and can play text, pictures, videos, and other types of content;
  • Comparison of common large display terminals.

Differences between LED flexible screen and conventional LED display screen

Features of LED flexible screen:

  • Strong adaptability: it can be installed in horizontal and vertical bending deformation, and even in a complex installation environment, it can present a perfect picture;
  • Simple maintenance: using the original led embedded strip structure, you only need to screw 3 nuts to replace a single light strip;
  • High protection level: the protection level can reach IP65. It is not afraid of heavy rainfall and thunderstorm. It can be safely used in an outdoor environment;
  • Lightweight: the weight is only about 10kg / ㎡, one person can easily install and carry the product, saving installation time and installation cost;
  • The product is designed with pixels strip and can be used in strong wind with the highest penetration rate of 60%;
  • Thin: the thickness is only about 10mm, the occupied space is small, and the stage space and transportation packing space are saved;
  • Quick connection: the connector adopts a professional aviation plug, which is safe and reliable. It has a high protection grade of no less than IP65 and can be disassembled quickly.

By comparing the two, we can find that they have their own characteristics. Ordinary LED electronic display screen has high protection grade, unlimited area, long sight distance, and high brightness, which is suitable for LED outdoor advertising display screen; The flexible LED screen is suitable for small and flexible installation environment and can be used in places with more flexibility. When choosing, you can choose which screen to use according to your actual needs.