6 factors affect the outdoor led screen price

outdoor led screen price

The price of an outdoor LED screen has come down in recent years and makes the technology accessible. More and more companies are adopting it to present their advertisements. This article will tell you how to calculate the outdoor led display price.

p10 outdoor screen case

Factors you need to consider before buying

  • Outdoor led screen size

This would be the basic question you need to figure out first. What’s your audience and your installation site will determine whether you need a gigantic LED display or an average-sized screen. So record your required screen length and width and feedback to your supplier.

  • Screen pixel pitch

For outdoor screen use, the screen pixel usually ranges from 3mm to 16mm.

The smaller the pixel pitch is, there would be more led lamps in the square meter, so the price will be higher. And the screen pixel pitch is determined by the nearest viewing distance.

  • the screen cabinet

This is important for different cabinets working with different installation supports. For example, the die-casting aluminum cabinet is usually used for the outdoor rental screen,

it can be easily assembled and disassembled, and no extra supports are needed. While heavy cabinets like iron waterproof cabinets are usually installed on the wall or steel structure.

  • raw material

The outdoor led screen cabinet is composed of led modules( led lamps, driving IC), power supplies and etc.

The led lamps usually used are Nationstar ( high-end with higher price) and Kinglight ( more affordable price).

The driving IC chip determines the led screen’s working status like the refresh rate, flicker phenomenon, screen lifespan, etc. The commonly used brands are Macroblock, ICN, and FM.

And for power supplies, it empowers the led modules and the control card. There are several different brands in the market, but the best would be the Meanwell power supply. A better power supply always makes your screen more stable and longer lifespan.

  • Maintenance methods

The screen price differs for the front maintenance and back maintenance.

Currently, more and more customers would like to choose front maintenance, which is easy to operate and save room for installation. But if you have a limited budget, you can choose back maintenance.

  • purchasing channels

You may face the options of buying from the local dealers or importing.

If you don’t care about the budget and focus on the fast and local after-sale service, then buying from the local dealers would be a good choice for you.

If you have a limited budget or want to save a huge cost, you can import directly from the LED manufacturers, which also can ensure online technical service and guidance.


when you want to buy outdoor led screens, you can check the above 6 factors which affect the outdoor led screen price. Record your thoughts and communicate thoroughly with reliable led screen suppliers. Eyecatchmedia, is a one-stop solution provider of LED screens, with over 10 years of the professional export service team and professional production equipment, with 3 years warranty for most products and 24*7 online service.