What is waterproof LED Display?

Outdoor weather can vary greatly, and rainy days and greasy conditions are common in some areas. We know that waterproof function is important for outdoor LED screens, but how waterproof LED display works?

Let’s be more familiar with the water-resistant outdoor LED display. In order to better understand the waterproof LED display, you might understand IP (ingress protection) rating. Generally speaking, this rating of outdoor LED display should reach IP65.

IP grade is a numeric designation of dust and water resistance designed by the International Protection Marking Institute (IPMI). The first number represents the dust-resistance rating, ranging from zero to six, and the second represents the water resistance, ranging from zero to eight. The higher the number, the better the protection grade.

IP rating

Outdoor LED advertising screens are assembled from various sizes of outdoor LED cabinets. Because of the varying dimensions among units, it’s easy to manage and maintain a single outdoor LED screen. In addition, it’s easy to pack and transport multiple screens for installation or removal. Finally, because of their modular design, they’re extremely easy to assemble and can be dismantled for transportation.

For a waterproof and shockproof cabinet, the LED display module should be waterproof and the cabinet should have a conformal coating on the surface.

Second, the cabinet should be water-resistant. It should be designed with a waterproof display module and driver circuits installed on it. The power supply and exhaust fans and other electrical components are installed on the back of the cabinet. The cabinet is coated on both the inner and outer surface with plastic to improve its anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, and flame retardant properties. It also increases the security of the whole screen.