The taxi cab digital signage is becoming more and more popular in the advertising market, and after years of development, it has formed the models of p5, p4, p3 and p2.5 taxi screen for different customers’requirements.

After conducted lots of transactions with customers, we found that the most difficult part for beginners is the operation section, so we decide to write a series of articles about the operation details.

This time is about how to use the GPS and Geofencing function of the taxi cab digital signage, and it’s based on the Sheen control card ( the operation is similar for different cards). The steps as below:

  1. To register one account on, after our activation, you can log in our cloud platform.
  2. When you are in the program section, click “new” to add the new program, choose the “area” and set the right screen pixel.


  1. Click the “edit” for the newly added area program.


  1. Click “new” to add rules and details for the area program. We choose the circle for the area type and go to the setting area.


  1. In the map page, you need to enter your advertising address to fix the position and adjust the red circle to limit the ranges.


Above is the basic operation steps for the Geofencing function for the taxi advertising screens, more settings like ads lasting time, ads play sequence and etc., may need you to use the platform more often and be familiar with it.