LED lamp beads moisture-proof and treatment methods

Will LED lamp beads get wet? Recently, the spring cold in the south is approaching, and many manufacturing enterprises are affected. The main reason is that the production raw materials are affected by moisture during the production process, so will the LED lamp beads be affected by moisture? What will be the impact on the production of the display screen after getting wet?

Will LED lamp beads get wet?

If it is placed in a dark and humid corner for a long time, the LED lamp beads may be affected by moisture. When the LED lamp bead is damp, some trace moisture in the water vapor and the air will be brought into the LED package. The reflector cups of the LED brackets are all silver-plated, the silver will be oxidized, and the resulting silver compounds are all black. It reduces or loses the reflective ability, resulting in the reduction of the luminous flux of the LED. When these moistures are subjected to high humidity in the processing and welding process, high pressure will be generated, which will cause damage to moisture-sensitive devices during high-temperature processes, which is a very serious impact. If there is moisture, the moisture expands during welding, and the wick is prone to micro-burst, causing the inner core to break.

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Moisture-proof treatment method of LED lamp beads

  • The LED lamp bead is packaged in a moisture-proof and anti-static aluminum foil bag. During the handling process, it should be avoided that the moisture-proof bag leaks due to extrusion and puncturing of the packaging bag;
  • In the wet season, when the moisture-proof bag is not opened, the recommended storage conditions are: temperature < 30 ° C, humidity < 60% RH (preferably stored in a moisture-proof cabinet) and used within 6 months;
  • If the LED lamp bead has not been used for 6 months, it is recommended to process by oven baking to remove the recommended dehumidification before using it again (recommended dehumidification conditions are 60°C/24H);
  • After the packaging is unpacked, the unused LED lamp beads should be vacuum-sealed again or placed in a moisture-proof cabinet. It is forbidden to use clear tape, staples, etc. for simple sealing;
  • Before using the LED lamp beads, it is necessary to confirm whether the humidity card moisture-proof beads are discolored. If the moisture-proof beads are greater than or equal to 30% or more discolored, the process by oven baking to dehumidify before use (recommended dehumidification conditions: 60℃/24H)
  • When the LED lamp bead is unpacked for SMT, it has been exposed to the workshop environment. It is recommended to control the workshop environment: the temperature is <30℃, and the humidity is less than 60%rh;
  • In the wet season, for the lamp board after Reflow (before assembling the lamp), it is recommended to place in the workshop environment time: 3-5 days.