Application field analysis of LED transparent screen

For the traditional LED display, the traditional LED display is bulky and expensive, which is not conducive to maintenance. The installation requires a lot of transportation and installation labor costs. The LED transparent display screen is highly transparent and thin. It can be used in exhibitions, airports, advertising media, chain stores, large shopping malls, enterprise exhibition halls, museums, science, and technology museums, and other places to provide interesting and changeable equipment support for product sales and advertising publicity, so that the advertising creativity can directly hit the actual products, as long as there is a glass curtain wall.

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Application of LED transparent screen in large public building space:

In the indoor environment of large buildings and commercial spaces such as office buildings, exhibition centers, airports, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, hotels, theatres, and other commercial network complexes, it is ideal to retain the visual depth of the space and make the cool multimedia effect more visual hierarchy and impact.

Application of large shopping malls and chain stores:

The modern artistic beauty of a transparent LED display screen is perfectly combined with metal modeling. It has the characteristics of high permeability, high stability, and long service life. After installation, it will not affect the style of the original building and daylighting. The product modeling has texture. It is the first choice for the lighting of modern architectural advertising. It has a wide application prospect in glass curtain walls, large shopping malls, glass partitions, and so on.

With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, the pursuit of individuality has become an important benchmark for people to publicize their unique personalities; Transparent LED screens are booming, and displays of various sizes and shapes are emerging one after another. Emphasizing self and pursuing personality has become the primary choice of many consumers in display design. Only a personalized store image can attract consumers to stop, increase passenger flow, adopt unique design methods, make the LED transparent screen replace the traditional store exterior wall and led full-color display, and replace the traditional print advertising with video advertising so that the whole store is cool and very pleasing to the eyes of consumers.

Application of large stage led transparent screen:

The modular size is combined into arbitrary size modeling and flexible structure design. The transparent suspension shows the penetration of a specific space. The diversified modeling is the special effect of stage dance beauty, which has more creative space.

Application of LED transparent screen in the glass window

A transparent LED screen is an innovation on the traditional LED display screen. The screen body is composed of light bars. When lit, it can show a complete full-color display screen. When not lit, it can show a transparent effect similar to stealth. In recent years, the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail has also brought revolutionary changes to retailers. It has a high transmittance, will not affect the building daylighting, and has lightweight, has good wind resistance, has convenient installation, and can realize various irregular shapes and sizes as required. Therefore, it is increasingly popular in the fields of building facades, glass window decorations, interior decorations, and so on.