The Advantages and Features of LED Crystal Film Screen

As LED transparent screen technology continues to mature and advance, the use of flexible transparent film materials has replaced rigid materials like PCB boards and acrylic sheets as the transparent medium for LED displays. This shift has allowed for the expansion of LED screens. The application of transparent display technology in the market has enabled LED transparent screens to be better integrated into human life.

LED Crystal Film Screen,transparent flim screen

what is an LED Crystal Film Screen

LED Crystal Film Screen is a type of display technology that utilizes flexible transparent film materials instead of traditional rigid materials like PCB boards and acrylic sheets as the medium for LED displays. This technology allows for the creation of transparent LED screens that can be integrated into various environments, offering features such as flexibility, thinness, and design freedom.

Steps for Producing Crystal Film Screen

  • Conductive film material is coated on a flexible transparent film, with the thickness of the conductive film being one order of magnitude lower than that of the flexible transparent film.

  • The coated flexible transparent film undergoes laser etching to create the necessary connection lines between LED chip pins, forming a conductive film circuit.
  • LED chips are connected to the etched conductive film circuit on the flexible transparent film using ITO conductive electrodes or conductive ink, forming a flexible LED display screen, which is then covered with a protective film.
  • The conductive film circuit etched on the flexible transparent film is connected to a driver bar via a flexible circuit board, completing the display screen.

Advantages of LED Crystal Film Screen

  • The use of flexible transparent film offers characteristics such as lightness, thinness, flexibility, and design freedom, which to some extent better meet human needs. Laser etching of circuits allows for better control of line width, ensuring consistent impedance and brightness of each LED chip, resulting in uniform brightness of displayed information; circuits can intersect to achieve a “multi-layer” effect.
  • The low material cost and simple installation and use make it more suitable for residential living. LED flexible film screens, utilizing flexible transparent film, possess features like lightness, thinness, rollability, and design freedom.