Poster LED Display For Indoor and Outdoor LED Advertising Player

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Poster LED Player is a specially designed product targeting for indoor HD LED advertising player with highly integrated hardware and outdoor led display player with high brightness and easy installation, ultra-thin and lightweight, which can be your first choice to achieve perfect led advertising display effect.

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LED Poster Display embodies features including various installation solutions, easy operation, multiple communication modes, high brightness, low power consumption and ultra-thin body to ensure a stable and high-quality display effect even in bright-light venues. It is a new product that overturns traditional LCD ad player (high cost, low-quality picture, uneven brightness, heavy body, and high energy consumption), which can be widely installed in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, government agencies, hospitals and so on.

LED Advertising Player Features:

1. Ultra-thin and light-weight body——thickness is 35 mm and weighing less than 40 kg, making installation easy and fast.

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2. Optional installation solutions——fold-out stand, Hanging, standby, and wall-mounting can be realized to meet different demands.

led poster installation ways

3. HD visual experience——2.5 mm and 3 mm pixel pitch, high refresh rate (2000Hz) and brightness (1200 nits) provide users with perfect display effect.

4.High Brightness of outdoor 3.91mm,4.81mm with >6000 Nits, and Waterproof features for outdoor weather, stable and long lifetime.

5. Various work modes——besides single display work mode, multiple led display screen can be combined together creatively to bring a variety of display effect and improve the advertising efficiency.

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6. Elegant appearance——aluminum- alloy frame, fully enclosed frosted rear cover, acrylic glass surface, it is a mirror led display and customized border color present enchanting and eye-catching appearance.

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7. Multiple communication modes——communication via USB, WIFI, network cable, and HDMI increase service efficiency.

8. Highly integrated hardware——integrated internal control system and power supply ensure the independent communication and management without other hardware, saving the CTU for the customer.

poster operation

Poster LED Display Player Advantages:

  • Light and portable design enable quick installation and different installation modes.
  • Vivid and colorful picture provide fantastic visual effect. Brightness increased 3 times compared with conventional LCD (400 nits). Easy Operation only needs 3 minutes, guarantee wonderful user experience
  • Delicate appearance and customized border color attract more attention, and numbers of visitors increase by 42% at least.
  • No license fee, the CTU (cost to use) is low. On average, only $4.5 cost every day, however, the income will increase by 2 times.
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Poster LED Display is so far the thinnest and lightest led display products, with a thickness of 35mm and a lightweight body (only 40kg), led poster board makes an ideal solution for a wide array of installation requirement including fold-out stand, hanging and wall mounting. Pixel pitch options of 2.5mm and 3mm, 4mm, 5mm for indoor led display and 3.91mm, 4.81mm, 5mm, 6mm for outdoor led display are available.

It’s expected to offer a new and preferable led display solution for indoor information exchange and outdoor business promotion for retail stores, shopping centers, airports, train stations, libraries, hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets. Apart from the above sites and occasions, there is surely much room left for Crius to decorate in the future.