Conference Room Screen

The conference room led screen is usually required to be high resolution and with vivid video quality to attract the attention of the attendee.

And it not only decorates the room but also relays messages, info, and important details to the public.

conference room screen

Conference screen | China | Jul 2021

Product: indoor p3 led screen

конференц-светодиодный экран

Conference room screen | Australia | Jul 2021

Product: Indoor  p3 led screen

Sports LED Display

Various sports events like football games, basketball games, etc. need the led perimeter display, led cube shape display, and led scoreboards to present the live show and the scores. They are widely used around the world.

Sports led screen | US | Jul 2019

Product: indoor p3.91 led screen

Sports display | Korea | Jul 2019

Product: Outdoor  p4 led screen

Retail Display

Currently, more and more retail stores and shopping malls are using led displays like transparent screens, indoor high-resolution screens, poster screens to replace the traditional LCD screen, which has bezels in the screen. And as the development of the led screen technology, it can be formed as a curved screen and creative screen to suit any environment.

retail store screen | Uk | Nov. 2019

Product: transparent p3.91 led screen

Shopping mall sceen | China | Jul 2019

Product: Indoor  p3 led screen

Outdoor Billboard

Outdoor billboard is widely used for outdoor advertising, which has features of high brightness, waterproof, non-stop vivid advertising, and images. Its effect is much better than the static posters and signage.

Outdoor billboard | Saudi | Jul. 2019

Product: IP68 LED display

LED billboard | Saudi | Aug 2019

Product: IP68 LED display

TV Broadcast

TV broadcast environment has the high requirement for the high refresh rate, no bezels, high resolution with full HD, 4k, 8k screen splicing to keep the fabulous visual effect and to attract the audience.

TV broadcast | US | Aug. 2019

Product: Indoor p2 led screen

LED billboard | Indonesia | June 2019

Product: Indoor p2 led screen

Church Display

LED screen is more convenient and flexible to form any size of the needed screen with lightweight rental screen and creative screen. Its features are more suitable for the church environment than the LCD screen.

church display | Korea | Aug. 2019

Product: Indoor p3 led display

church display |Trinidad | Nov. 2020

Product: Indoor p3.91 led screen

Stage event

LED rental screens are widely used for the stage events like concerts, live shows and etc to create great visual effects. For stage environment, it requires the screens to be lightweight, easy to install and dismantle, easy to maintain, and wireless control.

outdoor music show | Germany | Jul. 2019

Product: Outdoor p3.91 rental screen

Indoor show | Australia | Oct. 2019

Product: Indoor p3.91 led screen