How to Prevent Stage Led Screen Accidents

Breaking News! A background screen on a performance stage in Nanchang, Jiangxi, suddenly collapsed, resulting in nine children being injured. This tragedy occurred at around 5:40 p.m. on May 27th. Several kindergartens in the area were conducting a rehearsal for an art performance on a square in the Qing Shan Hu district of Nanchang. At the time of the incident, several children were performing on the stage when unexpectedly the background LED screen collapsed. Preliminary information suggests that nine children were injured by the collapse. Immediately after the incident, someone at the scene called for emergency assistance, and an ambulance arrived promptly to transport the injured children to the hospital for treatment.

It is both ironic and infuriating that this incident occurred during the rehearsal for the “Children’s Day” art evening, a day that is supposed to be a festive occasion for children. Unfortunately, it turned into a tragedy, with children becoming the biggest victims. The local urban management authorities, as reported by journalists on the scene, stated that the performance event had been canceled, and the stage facilities were being gradually dismantled and removed, while measures were taken to discourage people from approaching the area.

According to an official notification from the Qing Shan Hu District Committee of Nanchang City, all injured children have been taken to the hospital, where they received preliminary diagnoses of minor injuries or abrasions. Currently, they are under observation at the hospital, and psychological counseling is being provided to them.
stage led screen,led screen accident prevention

stage-led screen accident

Accidents involving stage LED screens are not uncommon

In recent years, with the rapid development of LED display screens, their stunning visual effects and magnificent images have made them highly favored in stage performances. However, incidents of screen collapse like this one have been reported in the media.

One of the most severe incidents occurred on July 28, 2022, during a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum when a large LED screen in the center of the stage suddenly fell while dancers were performing, directly hitting one dancer’s head. Another dancer was crushed by the falling LED screen. They fell motionless to the ground, causing panic in the venue.
stage led screen,led screen accident prevention

hk led screen accident

In 2019, an accident occurred during a concert by singer Jam Hsiao. During a rehearsal, halfway through the performance, a large LED screen on the left side of the stage suddenly dropped, affecting the lighting equipment, luckily causing no injuries.

Investigations into these alarming incidents have revealed that most on-site installations use simple frames, which bind the LED panels to the frame and stand on the ground or stage without further anchoring or securing them to the ground or stage. In this regard, it is essential to remind engineering professionals, as well as those involved in the sales and rental of stage screens, to prioritize safety and engineering quality. Otherwise, in case of accidents, property damage would be a minor concern, while injuries or fatalities could result in criminal liability. After working in the LED industry for so many years, it would all be in vain!

To ensure the safety of stacking and hoisting, LED screen rental companies must strictly adhere to the maximum number of stacked layers and select the appropriate installation methods and high-quality construction materials. This will minimize the occurrence of safety accidents.

Most importantly, LED screen rental companies should not blindly pursue low prices and take risks by purchasing rental products with safety hazards. Along with ensuring the quality of the rental equipment, professional training should be provided to the operators, enabling them to perform basic maintenance on the display screens, analyze and address common faults, familiarize themselves with control systems and video processing, and conduct testing and adjustments on supporting equipment. This way, the stable and safe operation of LED stage screens can be guaranteed.

In today’s full-scale recovery of performances, it is crucial to prioritize the safety of stage performances. Not all stage safety incidents can be avoided without strict control. It is necessary to address and eliminate stage safety hazards.